Oh no.

Okay, so Im not a total Wow-Fag persay. Im just really excited that my warlock is level 78 okay? I work with WoW for a living, and told myself I was only going to play purely out of gaining knowledge for the job Im doing. SURPRISE, I started to like it. Say what you will, it pays the bills. Also, the show is tonight. I'm pretty stoked on life today! Will be awesome I am sure.
Today is also day 5 of the missing cat, Im sure he's out trying to score some tail (No Pun Intended) as he isn't nuetered and it's spring and what not. I guess every mammal wants to get laid in the Spring. Even me, har har.
I just hope the imp comes home soon.

---UPDATE: Cat has been found. He was hanging around the old house for a few days,,,idiot.


  1. haha feel no shame.. have a lvl 85 but on break at the moment due to rl issues :) might do a wow post sometime. once i go back that is..

  2. Good thing you found the cat atleast :D

  3. I've nevewr played WoW a day in my life :(
    and wooooo, a kind-of-new-but-not-really cat :D

  4. i have a 85 warrior, none of my friends/coworkers know haha

    what do you do for a job?

    +followed for being awesome!

    come look at my fishy tank

  5. Once you hit max level prepare to have no more social life.

  6. What do you do with WoW for a living?