Im pulling all my hair out.

Sometimes things can get extremely stressful in life, so you just have to roll with the punches and keep on truckin. Although sometimes in these situations I definitely feel a little something like this:

Never have I gone as far as pulling out my own hair, but surely I have wanted to. Also since quitting smoking I have become addicted to every sugary drink that enters my body. This is something that needs to stop soon, or I will find myself in back alleys begging for change to get a Coke, and people being as they are will think Im talking about something entirely different. I figure it would look something like this:

But most likely better drawn, and with some type of cobblestone, dreary looking background. Anyway, im rambling..until next time.



Just a little something.

I swear Im not a crazy cat lady. I swear, really.
He's just ridiculously cute when he's not being an asshole.

Those Little Bastards

Sometimes the animals you own piss you off to an extent where you want to strangle their furry little necks. Then they go and do something ridiculously cute. Winston and Pantaloon..you're still little jerks.

'The Thing I Drew At Work' Post 1. (TTIDAW)

I have decided to introduce a hopefully weekly installment of something called "The Thing I Drew At Work". Basically these drawings are going to consist of things I have drawn in my downtime or extra time at work. I have a feeling they will just get better and better over time. Without further ado, the first thing I am posting that I drew at work between calls.



Where Did I....?

Hello everyone,
Looks like it is time for my first post and first comic. Im sitting in the dark listening to my cat yap away, asking me to go outside, to which I have replied: "No, I am far too lazy to open the window for you, you fat fucker".
Truth is, he really does need to go outside. He's gained a few pounds this winter and takes up a monumental amount of space on the counter now. I don't even bother trying to move him anymore. He has also taken to laying all over my work computer desk, knocking all the shit I have on there off, and then looking at me and 'Meowing'. Then he just sprawls out and goes to sleep for a while. What Im really trying to say is, don't get a cat, unless you want to argue with a furry little human being, the asshole type, that cannot speak english. So, a Mexican basically.

Im probably going to have to find a better way to do this anyhow.