Poledancing on a Saturday Afternoon

Okay I love this guy, seriously. He's talented-You cannot deny.

So I decided to start going to the gym recently. I have all this rage over a recent break-up where the man in question went psycho and decided to threaten me. Working out is a good way to relieve that anger and stress. I'm still stressed, but whatever. Everyone will see what they're missing when I'm 130 pounds and gorgeous. I'm fucking sore though.

So now I'm a free bird, and my birthday is coming up! July 2nd. Having a nice little party here, it should be awesome. Going to have to work it hard so I can drink a lot of beer on Saturday. BUAHAHA. I guess my guy friends have taken it upon themselves to give me money so they can order the UFC fight. (Happy birthday to me?)

I've basically gotten rid of all the horrible influences and assholes in my life which in itself is making me very happy indeed.

Here are some pictures, just because things are more interesting with them.

Kitty and me

Until next time folks!


And who needs love when there's southern comfort And who needs love at all.

It has been raining here for some time now. Supposed to be nicer this week, but who knows if the 'Weatherman' is on his game-Is he ever? These last two weeks have been really hard and stressful. I'm not sure if I am extremely emotional/off the wall because of the weather, or if I'm starting to let things go through therapy, or if I'm just mental. I haven't been sleeping very well either, my pattern is completely off. That's something I'm trying hard to work on right now. I feel like a fucking failure if I sleep in past 10AM. A few days ago I was laying wide awake at 3AM and all of a sudden I just started crying, just pure bawling. I had no clue what was going on-I just felt sad, and I missed all the friends that had ever moved away from me, and felt helpless. That went on for an hour straight. Needless to say, I am very excited to talk to my psychologist tomorrow and let him know what's going on. It's definitely possible that alcohol is effecting me as well. Some type of detox. Really trying to quit, or at the very least cut the fuck back.

Im sure you all think I'm insane. I don't generally talk about my inner stirrings here, but I need some type of release at least. I've been having all these weird rhymes and poems floating around in my skull for the past few days too, and dreams, tons and tons of vivid dreams.

I HAVE been feeling better with each day. I'm pretty good today actually. So good I took some pictures.

                                                                                  Rainy day worm

                                                            My friend walking away from me in the alley

                                                       Annnd for your viewing pleasure-One of these!:



Oh trololo.

Haven't written in a while folks! Been busy busy. Trying to keep on that nice little wagon everyone stays on so easily. I made some more jewelry because, you know I'm cool like that.

Pretty pretty!

Life is becoming depressing. I need a job so badly. I'm just going to be a hooker-It's decided. Might go to a trip to the mountains between the 23-25 or so. I think I need it. I'm exhausted with the city.


Fightin' with the neighbors, Screwin the wife. Hip hop music ruined my life.

So I decided to take up a new hobby which could potentially make me some money (fingers crossed).
Picked up some jewelry supplies and started making home made beads out of old magazine ads. The ending products look something like this:

The long spinny beads are made out of paper that I rolled myself. Pretty sweet. Also been making a lot of hemp bracelets. Im turning into a hippie-OH GOD. Let me know if you like?

Drawings soon.


The PMS tree.

Oh hey.
I've been busy/lazy/gaming lately so here's a video of one of my favorite songs at the moment!
You'll enjoy, I know. I'm on this Rockabilly/Psychobilly kick right now. Also-If you have time you can recommend my blog-because well-I'm awesome, and I'd probably love you foreverrr! Happy ending only 5 dollah!