Poledancing on a Saturday Afternoon

Okay I love this guy, seriously. He's talented-You cannot deny.

So I decided to start going to the gym recently. I have all this rage over a recent break-up where the man in question went psycho and decided to threaten me. Working out is a good way to relieve that anger and stress. I'm still stressed, but whatever. Everyone will see what they're missing when I'm 130 pounds and gorgeous. I'm fucking sore though.

So now I'm a free bird, and my birthday is coming up! July 2nd. Having a nice little party here, it should be awesome. Going to have to work it hard so I can drink a lot of beer on Saturday. BUAHAHA. I guess my guy friends have taken it upon themselves to give me money so they can order the UFC fight. (Happy birthday to me?)

I've basically gotten rid of all the horrible influences and assholes in my life which in itself is making me very happy indeed.

Here are some pictures, just because things are more interesting with them.

Kitty and me

Until next time folks!


  1. Does Piers ever support the gay guy? I'd be jealous if I thought I could impress more ladies than men, myself.

    And you look like someone I know and miss. :/

  2. @d4- I don't think he does. Kind of a homophobe! Also the person you know must be ridiculously gorgeous like me........hahaha

  3. i've got a dog and she often sleeps the same way as your kitten. She's got the same colours too. Gym is a great way to get over a relationship, ice cream is the worst way :P

  4. I love your hair and your eyes. Gorgeous! (:

    And hell ,that guy IS talented

  5. Damn I wish I could do that.
    He is going to get so many guys now :p

  6. the training that guy must have gone through.. wow!

  7. great post title

    yeah, that pole guy has reached the internet-meme-level of fame now

    cat lover