New shizz.

Hey Guys!
I have a new blog, that is far more active.

Give me a follow if you're so inclined, and adds on google plus are always appreciated!

Google Plus: Magz Killgore/Bythethroat@hotmail.ca






Haven't been doing TOO much drawing or painting lately because I've been focused on some other things. But here is something recent. I have no idea what it is either, just another subconscious scribble.

As soon as I set this down my cat popped a squat on it and didn't move all day. As much as I love all my drawings I cannot find it within myself to move a sleeping cat. It just seems cruel doesn't it?


Fight tight all the screens, life tearing at the seams

Hello again everyone!
I have a couple new things to show you. Exciting I know.

I've been slightly obsessed with drawing squids lately. Not exactly sure how that came about, but I'm enjoying it anyway.

This was meant to be some sort of practice while I was laying in bed. As soon as I had finished it I realized I really liked it and decided to make it the subject of my next painting.

Obviously this is VERY far from finished but I assume when it IS done it's going to look really great. That being said, I really wish I could get sharpies for free from Michaels. Maybe some day.




Hey folks!
I have a question for all of you..


SERIOUSLY....Do you?

Well you are in luck my friends.
A very good friend of mine has started a blog. It's a cleverly written horror movie review blog destined to give you a chuckle or two. I suggest you follow. Doing so may result in winning the internetz.



I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed.

Just a quick doodle.

Do Goblins Lay Eggs?

Sometimes I wonder what exactly is wrong with me.
These types of conversations don't happen between everyone...do they?

All I know is there are never Goblins with full heads of hair.


The Bitter Truth

Now, I'll admit that I'm a little bitter but IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, I find something wrong with people being all lovey dovey gross on Facebook. This was a good little conversation I had today:

The truth hurts.

New Work

I have been trying my hand at acrylic painting lately. I really really enjoy it, helps everything come to life!

I call this guy 'The Eyetopus'. Wasn't that long of a project really but I love how it turned out.

This one was a labor of love. It took me about 2 weeks. It could have been sooner, but hey I'm lazy.

Thats it for now!


Oh Boy.

Well guys, I've been gone for a bit, not that it matters much. Been doing lots of artsy stuff lately so hopefully I can get that up in the next few days! Blog has also gone through a bit of a revamping as I was not happy with the look of it.

Just glad to be back!