Fight tight all the screens, life tearing at the seams

Hello again everyone!
I have a couple new things to show you. Exciting I know.

I've been slightly obsessed with drawing squids lately. Not exactly sure how that came about, but I'm enjoying it anyway.

This was meant to be some sort of practice while I was laying in bed. As soon as I had finished it I realized I really liked it and decided to make it the subject of my next painting.

Obviously this is VERY far from finished but I assume when it IS done it's going to look really great. That being said, I really wish I could get sharpies for free from Michaels. Maybe some day.



  1. I'm totally looking forward to the end result. I've had a thing for squids for about 4 months now, after seeing a set of awesome drawings based on 'em.. so this is super cool.

  2. so i'm sure your favorite adult swim show is SQUIDBILLIES, huh?...


  3. These are actually pretty good. I am completely addicted to MS Paint now, so hardly pic up a pencil anymore.

  4. This would make a pretty damn cool t-shirt design.

  5. I don't know about drawing squid, but I used to eat them. They are delicious.