Ignorance is bliss.

Tonight is the night, for Face To Face. I'm pretty stoked, although it's inevitable they get back together again and again. Strung out is playing with them, go figure. Should be an awesome time. The funny part is I completely forgot that it was today. I had a whole day planned for my Saturday and all of a sudden it was kind of like, OH SHIT.  Thanks brain, you're doing that memory thing really well.

Took the dog out in the rain today as well. She was thrilled
as always, but this is what became of her. Sorry the picture
is blurry. Basically as soon as she steps foot in a field
where other dogs have been she begins frothing and drooling
everywhere, At one point there was a giant mark on her
forehead made of spit that looked like a check mark.
She really takes after me. Classy, drooly, furry.



Eat yer butt,

Day 483758349534 of not having a job.
Going crazy-soon.
Easter was nice, had a giant meal and lots o' beer! Because what is a family get together minus said alcohol. NOTHING!
First fight took place while driving out to mother dearests farm of joy. That was a gooder. SURPRISINGLY not many more afterwards.
Here is a picture:
Thats my dog Rawlins. She had a great time chasing gophers and the like. She's been super depressed since we got back to the house. Have no clue why. She doesn't want to do anything. Maybe if I take her for a giant walk she'll be happy. LAWD I DONT KNOW! How do you cheer up a dog?


How many licks does it take to what?

Interesting things happen when I dont have a job.
The FIRST thing that happens is obviously, I become a lot more financially fucked. That being said, I need to make more room for a beer budget as the SECOND thing that happens when I'm not working, is I drink a lot more beer because I'm bored.  (WHYYY)
Thirdly, I start trying to beat video games I had no interest in before. Namely:

Okay, the game itself I like. The thing I don't like is the aggravation factor of Mario games in general. They end up making me so mad I want to cry, or throw the controller, or punch a baby wall. Not a good scene, trust me. When the anger becomes too much to bare, I start playing it with a friend, hoping their superior gaming skills will help me along. (GOD HELP ME WITH THE CASTLE) Usually this doesn't work and results in two mad people instead of one. My bad.
The FOURTH thing that happens, is I usually bug the hell out of people I know to come hang out with me because I have nothing to do. I'm on a constant search for entertainment. Maybe that's why I opt for more beer. Who knows.

I need a job.


No way.

So, I decided im going to quit my awesome job-purely because of the asshole I work for. I am suffering so many injustices at work it is ridiculous, and I`m fed up. I keep having those awful visions of all the things I can do to take the company down haha.
Luckily Im not that kind of gal.


The mystery of me.

I took this nice grungy picture today. I like it.
Anywho, Ive had a couple comments asking me what I do for a living because I mentioned it has something to do with World Of Warcraft. Basically I buy and sell accounts for work, and yes I do realize it is against their TOS! Fortunately for me and the company that doesn't make it illigal! Hohoho. I do other things for the website as well such as support, emails, putting up accounts etc. Im actually completely in love with the job as I get to work from home and roll out of bed and go to work in the morning. Almost been working there for a year, and as Im young-ish it's really good experience for office program work and that type o' shit. The only downside is the angry nerds who want to feast on my soul because they don't always get their way. Either that, or they're hittin' me up for my Real ID or my phone number. Kind of funny really!
Anywho, there you have it! Exciting, I fucking know.



Oh no.

Okay, so Im not a total Wow-Fag persay. Im just really excited that my warlock is level 78 okay? I work with WoW for a living, and told myself I was only going to play purely out of gaining knowledge for the job Im doing. SURPRISE, I started to like it. Say what you will, it pays the bills. Also, the show is tonight. I'm pretty stoked on life today! Will be awesome I am sure.
Today is also day 5 of the missing cat, Im sure he's out trying to score some tail (No Pun Intended) as he isn't nuetered and it's spring and what not. I guess every mammal wants to get laid in the Spring. Even me, har har.
I just hope the imp comes home soon.

---UPDATE: Cat has been found. He was hanging around the old house for a few days,,,idiot.