How many licks does it take to what?

Interesting things happen when I dont have a job.
The FIRST thing that happens is obviously, I become a lot more financially fucked. That being said, I need to make more room for a beer budget as the SECOND thing that happens when I'm not working, is I drink a lot more beer because I'm bored.  (WHYYY)
Thirdly, I start trying to beat video games I had no interest in before. Namely:

Okay, the game itself I like. The thing I don't like is the aggravation factor of Mario games in general. They end up making me so mad I want to cry, or throw the controller, or punch a baby wall. Not a good scene, trust me. When the anger becomes too much to bare, I start playing it with a friend, hoping their superior gaming skills will help me along. (GOD HELP ME WITH THE CASTLE) Usually this doesn't work and results in two mad people instead of one. My bad.
The FOURTH thing that happens, is I usually bug the hell out of people I know to come hang out with me because I have nothing to do. I'm on a constant search for entertainment. Maybe that's why I opt for more beer. Who knows.

I need a job.


  1. or maybe you need to play less challenging video games

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  3. You need a job or you need to use cheats to make the game easier.

  4. hey, why not draw something in a meantime?

  5. no way that looks neat. i'm gonna hunt it down..