Eat yer butt,

Day 483758349534 of not having a job.
Going crazy-soon.
Easter was nice, had a giant meal and lots o' beer! Because what is a family get together minus said alcohol. NOTHING!
First fight took place while driving out to mother dearests farm of joy. That was a gooder. SURPRISINGLY not many more afterwards.
Here is a picture:
Thats my dog Rawlins. She had a great time chasing gophers and the like. She's been super depressed since we got back to the house. Have no clue why. She doesn't want to do anything. Maybe if I take her for a giant walk she'll be happy. LAWD I DONT KNOW! How do you cheer up a dog?


  1. I don't think you'd be up for doing what it takes to really cheer up a dog

    I would stick with a giant walk if i were you

  2. get another dog thats more depressed, then rawlins will laugh at the other dog's misery

  3. Awww yes give her exercise and play time! :)

  4. D'awww. Your dog is adorable! <3
    Unfortunately, I have no experience with dogs, so I have no idea how to make them happy. :(


    Well, all the dogs I've been around have this fetish for being rubbed near their ears. I swear, it's like their weakness!!

    Peas out. :P