Pour Me Another

Staying kind of on topic from yesterday, another artist Im going to be seeing in the next month or two is Atmosphere. Im probably more excited about this than Mother Mother, mostly because of how long I've been listening to Slug, and how lyrically amazing he is. I do admit I'm a sucker for Underground HipHop for sure, although atmosphere is kind of tetering on the edge of 'Underground' these days. This music helped me through a really really rough patch in my life when I was becoming increasingly lost mentally. I was inspired by a lot of their lyrics, and I felt like, Hey! I'm not alone in this little downward spiral I've got going on. I have a lot to owe to the music I've listened to over the years, and this is one of those artists that take up at least 10% of those to whom I owe.


Everyone's fucked, and they don't even know!

I absolutely cannot wait to see Mother Mother on the 2nd. I heard they are amazing live, Im shitting my pants with excitement, seriously. Not only do I find their songs amazingly smart, catchy and witty, they are a pretty unique band within themselves. The weirder the better for me really.


20 Odd Years

Buck 65 has a new album out. I may think it's amazing because he is my favorite artsit of all time. But it's probably awesome anyway. Im enjoying it, thats all that matters.