From the mind of a fucked up teenager PART ONE.

For whatever reason, I decided to go into my giant box of old letters, drawings, and journals. I found a lot of things, read through them and realized how mentally broken I was, well more than now haha. Being a teenager has got to be one of the hardest things in your life for some people. It was for me. I was extremely depressed, and hoped for love or death on a daily basis. My upbringing was not a very loving environment and I realize that now. That being said I find it interesting, the letters I received and the things I wrote or drew. So over the next little bit I'm going to be sharing those on this blog. All I ask is that you read and look at things with little judgement as I am 22 now and most things were received or written between the ages of 13-17.

This letter is from a guy I used to mail back and forth when I was 13-14 ish.
I met him through a mutual friend, but he lived in Ontario.
He loved me, a lot.
I never knew if the feeling would be mutual.

This letter was from my friend Shane. He lived in Ontario as well. 
We met at 13, and he was struggling with the fact that he was gay.
He could not tell his parents, so we talked about things with each other.
I'm sure he eventually told them.
It was pretty obvious, haha.

These are from two sisters I befriended in North Carolina.
We were friends for a while, and I'm kind of sad that we lost touch.
They were both a few years older than me but were originally
from Canada.
Brings back a lot of weird/silly memories.

Until next time.


  1. Woah. Letters. Like, snailmail. I used to do this! I have some letters somewhere!

    And for a depressed teen, people seem to like you a lot? I'm not sure what could be judged here if people wanted to. I mean considering age right..

  2. @D4- The depressed teenager thing is just in reference to my youth. I mean, when I look back I'm just like-WOW. My head was kind of weird, ya know? Also, people can be judgmental right? It's just a reminder haha!

  3. " 'was' kind of weird"

    I see.

    There's irony in this comment. I love irony.

  4. The only letter I can recall holding on to is in my closet right now. It consists of an illustration of a poop in the shape of a hammer.

  5. Aw... the first one is kinda cute!

  6. Nice!!
    Don't be upset, friends are like stars, we don't always see them, but we know they're always there.

  7. I love reading other people's letters from the past. It can mean so much to just one person and be treated as just trash lying around to another. And yeah, being a teenager sucked ass for me.

  8. I never wrote letters as a teenager. I just e-mailed. Which were probably just as weird and inane.

  9. thats really cute. nostalgia like that is always cool to have around

  10. It's sad to think how few kids these days actually write things down on paper anymore. :(