Well aren't you a lucky little lady,

Im feeling lucky folks!
I'm the 'Blog of the day' over at a great little blog called NOT WORTH MENTIONING. If you want to check it out you should probably Click Here
Also, it is almost Mothers Day which means I get to see the infamous MOTHER. The plan is to cook her and my friends mom (whom i love as well) dinner and make it slightly fancy? Not exactly sure what I'm making yet, but it absolutely has to be with chicken. Hopefully this idea does not backfire. With my luck I will end up burning my house down. Happy Mothers Day-You're dead. BEST. GIFT. EVER.

God, I so wish I had some type of almondy chocolate bar right now.

Here's some more art that I've done by the way. I'm going to start doing it on a regular basis, putting my drawings up I mean. Just gotta fix that good ol' scannin' machine.

Note: Pac man painting was wet when picture was taken. Paint streaky.


  1. congrats, and i like your art- seriously

  2. d'aw :D
    also, make them fettucini chicken alfredo, omnomnomnom

  3. What Colin said. I was just thinking it. Chicken alfredo is awesome.

    And I absolutely love your little black and white dudes. So cute in such a weird way.

    The chocolate almond bar sounds delicious too but I tried to ignore that because I'm starving right now. I can''t ignore it. Guh.

  4. Is that an alien ??? You got talents, keep it up, looking forward to more stuff!

  5. Damn Mother's Day! Nice art btw, love the Pac Man Love.